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Vasography is an invasive x-ray study of the vas deferens (tube that carries sperm from the testicles to the ejaculate).

Why it's done

It is done to check for a blockage in men presenting with low sperm counts and/or reduced semen volume.

During the procedure

During the procedure a small needle is inserted directly into the vas deferens to inject a radiographic dye to help identify the location of the blockage. Depending on the location of the blockage, your surgeon may be able to bypass the blockage.

After the procedure



If you experience any fevers > 100.4, significant nausea, vomiting, significant worsening of pain or progressive enlargement of the scrotum, please contact the number below. 

Limit activities which may put pressure or cause trauma to the scrotum for 2 weeks.  


Keep sterile dressing in place for 24 hours after the surgery and continue to wear tight undergarments for 1 week after surgery. You may resume showering once dressing is removed. You may submerge the wound in water (bathing, hot tubs) beginning 1 week after surgery.


-In general, use acetaminophen (Tylenol Extra Strength) one to two tabs every six hours for pain. In pain is unrelieved, narcotic pain medication may be used. To speed up the recovery process, the use of narcotics should be minimized. It is best to take pain medications before pain becomes severe. This will allow you to take less medication yet have better pain relief.  For the first 2 to 3 days it may be helpful to take pain medications on a regular schedule (e.g. every 4 to 6 hours). This will help you to keep your pain under better control. You should then begin to take fewer medications each day until you no longer need them. 

Do not consume more than 3000 mg or 3 gm of Tylenol or acetaminophen-containing products within a 24 hour time period to avoid damage to your liver.


You are recommended to follow-up in approximately 2 weeks after surgery for a routine postoperative check.  This may be performed with your local physician or with your surgeon. 

If you wish to schedule the appointment with your surgeon, please call (507) 266-3430.  If you are recovering well without any concerns, this appointment is not mandatory.  

If you have any questions relating to your surgery you can contact your surgeon in the following ways:

To contact your surgeon, call the appointment office at (507) 266-3430, where they will create a message to be sent to your surgeon and their care team, and a member of the care team will return your call during normal business hours.

To contact the nurses, call the appointment office (507) 266-3982, they will leave a message with the nurses and the nurses will return your call during normal business hours.

After hours or with emergency concerns please call (507) 284-2511 and ask to speak with the urology resident on call.
If you have the patient portal, please feel free to send a message about non-emergency concerns via online messaging. Your message will be responded to by a member of your surgeons care team. 

How to prepare

Vasography is typically performed at the time of a planned procedure to fix the cause of the blockage preventing sperm from entering the semen. If your procedure will be performed in the operating room under general anesthesia, you should not eat or drink anything for six hours before. If it is being performed in the office then you can eat a light breakfast the morning of the procedure.

Did you know?

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