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Penile Plication involves placing a series of sutures (stitches) on the opposite side of the curvature. This results in straightening of the erect penis. Plication sutures may be placed on the top, bottom, or sides of the penis as needed to straighten the penis. There are several different surgical techniques for plication. The type of technique is largely dependent on surgeon preference, but all generally result in similar outcomes. Plication is generally indicated for men with good baseline erectile function (with or without the use of pills such as Viagra or Cialis) and less severe curvature. Men with more severe curvature or erectile dysfunction may be recommended to consider other surgical approaches such as grafting or penile prosthesis placement. The key to ensuring the best result with surgery is to find a highly experienced surgeon who specializes in treatment for Peyronie's Disease. You will find that here at Mayo Clinic.

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